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Automation - AI Communication

Intelligent Conversations

We can help you use artificial intelligence (AI) to automate aspects of your lead generation and marketing processes – generating appointments, service bookings, test drives and more.

What is an AI Assistant?

Your AI Assistant automatically initiates back-and-forth email and web chat conversations with leads having relevant conversations. It reads every reply it gets and interprets the lead’s buying intent. It replies accordingly, in a natural and human-like way.

Key features

Artificial Intelligence
Understands leads’ replies like out of office, questions, interest and objections, and responds accordingly.
Machine Learning
AI Assistant learns from each prospect interaction to create more effective conversations and conversions.
Lead Qualification
AI Assistant can ask a series of qualifying questions to identify a lead that’s primed to handover to your sales team to convert.
Use customer record data from your CRM or DMS to tailor each conversation and engage prospects.
Dynamic Nurturing
AI Assistant can identify a lead’s decision point in the journey and nurture them according to their specific needs.
Meeting Scheduler
AI Assistant can be automatically integrated into your calendar to schedule service bookings or appointments quickly and easily

Popular Conversations

Inbound Lead Qualification
AI Assistant can be the first line of engaging and qualifying prospect intentions. Once it understands intent to buy, it automatically hands over to your sales team.
Sales Follow Up
If one of your prospects has received a brochure or quote and then become dormant, AI Assistant will attempt to systematically re-engage them in conversation.
Abandoned Leads
Have a growing backlog of abandoned leads? AI Assistant will engage with every one of them to identify any sales potential with automatic handovers to your team.
Where a customer’s finance product is due for renewal, AI Assistant can be the first to engage them with new offers - handing over to the sales team once the prospect is engaged and showing buying signals.
Service & MOT Due
AI Assistant can engage with all customers who have a vehicle due for an MOT and/or service. With seamless integration into your calendar it can help fill service bays automatically.
Post-sale/service CSI
Your customers are 60% more likely to respond to personalised emails over more generic SMS messages. AI Assistant will escalate unhappy customer complaints.

“The leads coming back through from the AI Assistant are warmer than the other digital leads we are receiving at the moment. Out of the 18 we have had over the past couple of days we are hoping to deal up two today and we still have one very hot lead that we are confident will order as well.”

John Pengilley | General Sales Manager, Dick Lovett

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If you’d like a thorough audit of potential areas where AI could transform your organisation, then talk to us. We know the automotive sector inside out and are leading the way in successfully deploying artificial intelligence to deliver an immediate impact for OEMs, dealer groups and individual motor dealers.

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