Why Choose AI Assistant?

We are automotive technology specialists

We understand the fight you are in. Our OEM, Group and Retailer experience means we hit the ground running so you see results fast.

Pioneering experts

We're curious. And this quest for knowledge has driven us to the forefront of technological innovation.

But it's not just innovation for innovation's sake. We identify and master those solutions that will make the biggest difference to the success of automotive retail businesses.

There are no off the shelf solutions here. We have designed and developed our own proprietary systems that perfectly align with the needs of automotive retail and aftersales teams. It means we can deliver on our promises - exceeding expectations time after time.

Two sales managers using computers in a car showroom
Why switch to AI-powered automation?

Our customers share 4 reasons to switch:

Dramatic reduction in marketing costs - typically 85%
Increase in CSI scores & performance
Increase in vehicle sales
Increase in hours sold

We provide expert advice and seamless solution management for clients including OEMs, franchised dealer networks and other independent motor dealers.

We can connect you with any of the people we support so you can hear from them what it's like to transform performance through the power of automotive automation.

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